Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) is a Lufthansa driver and hard-handed do-gooder. He rights wrongs with violence and enjoys helping the helpless and down trodden. So, when a friend gets murdered, it’s logical that he goes on a revenge bender.

Additional Comments:

– Miles is a good side character. He could go either way in terms of being good or evil but McCall steers him right with typical bluntness.

– The twists and turns are predictable but still fun.

– They spend a fair amount of time on sidestuff that fleshes out his character. 

– The bad guys are more that just masked goons. 

– The events seem random but things work out. I often wonder where characters like that – McCall, Jack Reacher, etc- get the funds to wreck havoc day and night.

– Content warning: strong language and violence.


If you don’t mind entire lines of dialogue being a string of curses (f-bombs), then you’ll be fine with this movie.

Associate links to follow…

Amazon Prime

The Collins Case – 2 FBI agents track down a kidnapped family. Kid friendly.

If fantasy’s more your thing, go Redeemer Chronicles. The first, Awakening, is available as an audiobook.

FBI agent vs serial killer: Scratched Off

Ashlynn’s Dreams Shorts – a kid deals with her parents’ divorce, bullies, and the wonder of discovery.

Try The Dark Side of Science – Genetically altered kids fight for the right to live.


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