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Book Blurb Help

Basic Book Blurb Rewrite:

This is where you’ve given it your best shot and you’re just not happy with it. I’ll give you comments on what’s working and what’s not working. Then, I’ll give you a suggested rewrite. I offer one revision because my first crack isn’t always on the mark for one reason or another. The original blurb could be misleading, incomplete, scattered, or something else entirely. Once I can fire enough questions at you to get a feel for your book, I can usually come up with a great blurb for you.

Cost of Basic Book Blurb Rewrite:

$50 Basic + up to 3 revisions

I take your original, give suggestions, and offer a suggested rewrite. I typically don’t need more than 1 rewrite, but I’m including 3 just in case.

I know of people who charge $100-$300 to do these rewrites. I don’t, nor do I think I’ll ever charge that much for a rewrite.

Sale $20 for rewrites of Kindle Vella Blurbs.

Basic Book Description Generation from Notes:

If you provide me with an outline of your book (ie. the synopsis) and notes about what you’d like the blurb to accomplish, I’ll generate a description for you.

Normal rates for writing a book description: $100 Blurb Generation + 3 revisions

I work with the raw notes to write a description for you + then refine it up to 3 times.

Samples available upon request.

Eventually, I’ll need …

  1. Your title and genre
  2. Your existing blurb
  3. Notes and anything else you think will give me a better feel for what you want from the blurb
  4. Whether or not you want an invoice, a paypal link, or just the paypal email

Sample Work

Sample from Second Chances by Amy Allen Hallmark. Used with permission.


A second chance at love

Brandi Stewart is a vampire and shifter who has had her share of heart break. Now divorced, she felt no need to return to a special city, a vampire city that she’d lived in for the last 4 years. She’d had no set destination but was drawn to Santa Fe where she found him.

Nikolas Davidson is a widower wolf shifter who had been searching for her, his true mate, since he’d first met her over 200 years ago. He never expected her to find him.


True love lasts through the ages … or does it?

Brandi Stewart, a vampire and (what animal) shifter, has experienced more than her share of heartbreak, terror, and loss over the centuries. But once upon a time, she found the love of her life. Circumstances made her forget him, but now she feels inexplicably drawn to the city of Santa Fe.

There she finds someone familiar … wolf shifter, Nikolas Davidson.

They first met over two hundred years ago. Little does she know, he’s been searching for her ever since.

Two centuries is a long time to lose touch. Can they rekindle the passion born so long ago?

Manuscript Critiques

15-Page Manuscript Critique for $25

Want a manuscript critique that won’t break your bank?

I’m a multi-genre writer (YA scifi, fantasy, mystery, Christian mystery, and suspense/thriller). I’m also in Amazon’s top 10-K reviewers without asking a single soul to up vote a review.

The genres mentioned are mainly the ones I’d prefer to work with, but I’m willing to do an initial sweep on most manuscripts, except horror and erotica. I prefer “clean” works meaning minimal strong language and adult scenes.

How it works:

  1. You email or PM your title, genre, and pitch/blurb and let me know you’re interested in the 15-page manuscript critique.
  2. I get back to you with an ETA of when I can deliver the critique.
  3. You submit $25 via paypal and the first 15 pages of your manuscript by email (double-spaced, TNR, 12 pt font)
  4. I look at it and deliver the critique in the agreed upon time.

Things I’ll look at:

style, flow, sense, dialogue, grammar (I’m not directly looking for these sorts of mistakes, but if something leaps, I’ll make a note of it) first impressions of character(s), whether as a reader I’d want to continue.

Most people can get a sense of what needs work from the first few pages. (If these aren’t perfect, you’ll lose a reader anyway, so this is the important part.)

Turnaround time:

varies. Generally, a 15 page critique should take 1-3 days.


Manuscript must be clean … as in minimal curse words; little “adult content”

I will not consider horror, erotica, romance, or (most) non-fiction. Sorry, I simply don’t read these genres. Feel free to ask questions. (ie. A suspense book that has some romance in it is fine.)

New Service: Vella Episodes 1-3 Critique $25

I will read your first episode (2 or 3 if they’re short) and give you a breakdown of what’s working for me and what’s not. It’s less thorough than a manuscript critique first 15 unless you give me access to a word doc (then I can comment a lot more).

Want a full manuscript critique?

I occasionally read full manuscripts. These are kind of a hybrid between content editing (plot, characters, pacing) and proofreading (typo, punctuation hunting) with a smidge of copy if it jumps out at me (continuity, eye color changes, etc).

Please note, I have no editing degree. If you’re super-worried about this, you may be better off with somebody who does this for a living. I’ve got decent experience writing across multiple genres and previous customers seem satisfied. My rate is going to reflect this. Current rate: $0.017/word (high end of copy, below low end of content edit rates but above most proofreading rates).


Have burning questions about writing, blurb writing, or audiobooks?

Book a personalized zoom meeting. $50/hr (1 hr minimum)

Please note that this price may not last. (For perspective, if you need honors or CP chem tutoring, that’s $100/hr. I am open to that too.)

Whether you need a walkthrough ACX’s dashboard (or Findaway Voices or even KDP for that matter), have a gazillion questions about writing in general, or want to have a live critique of your blurb, book yourself some 1-1 time.

Qualifications: I’ve written stories in multiple genres and commissioned the production of 44 audiobooks.

Clarification: I write clean mystery/thriller, Christian mystery, scifi, YA scifi, fantasy, YA and MG fantasy, short stories, and some Christian Inspirational poetry. These are what I’m most familiar with. I don’t work with erotica, though I may be talked into some light horror. I have done blurb work with clean romance and some PNR.

Clarification 2: I’m on EST.

Disclaimer: This is a new service and one person’s opinion. Everybody’s situation is unique. I can lend a listening ear and give you feedback that comes to mind, but I can’t write your story for you. This is also 100% completely subjective, so there are no refunds. I’m here as a guide/random dispenser of advice (I just happen to have a LOT of experience with getting stuff into the audiobook format). Nothing more. Nothing less.

How would this work?

  1. email me your interest in setting up a zoom meeting (I will need: a short description of what you wish to talk about/ accomplish with the mtg; what time zone you’re in and 2-3 times that would work for you)
  2. we set up a time and I send you a zoom link.
  3. you prep some questions for me (you can send these ahead if you wish or just fire ’em off when we get to the meeting. However, I may have more thorough answers if I have a head’s up.)