5 Steps to Better Blurbs

Want to write better blurbs? Discover a step-by-step method for creating fiction book descriptions that capture readers’ attention.

Blurb writing is the most misunderstood task we undertake. Herein, I’ll dissect the principles at work behind awesome blurbs, examine the common mistakes, and detail some completed case studies. Once I’ve shown you the five steps to strengthening the book description, you can put what you’ve learned into play.

Inside, you will find …

10 principles of dream blurbs
5 common mistakes
10+ case studies
5 steps to better blurbs
6 exercises to strengthen your blurbs

Bonus: You’ll find information on getting additional case studies and free or discounted blurb overhauls.

5 Steps to Better Dialogue

Do you struggle with stilted dialogue?

Whether you’re starting your first or fiftieth book, creating realistic dialogue will be vital to making your world come alive for readers.

Inside, you’ll find …
Tips for getting to know your characters
A breakdown of what makes dialogue realistic
Tips for using dialogue tags wisely
Mistakes to avoid
Bonuses: Tips for using action beats and strengthening character voice. Writing prompts and exercises.

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Please note, this title is also released on the Kindle Vella platform.

5 Steps to Better Audiobooks

Want to see your book become an awesome audiobook?

This is a great place to start. Before you get lost in the audioworld acronyms, borrow money for this grand adventure, or inadvertently tick off the narrators you may wish to hire, let me help.

Inside, you will find …

  • The many lessons I’ve learned commissioning 25+ audiobooks
  • 3 major reality checks
  • An overview of the 3 main payment paths
  • An overview of my process
  • 5 detailed steps to creating awesome audiobooks


  • Some dos and don’ts that will make narrator relations easier
  • An introduction to audiobook promotions
  • The basics of audiobook email writing
  • A section about seeing both sides of the business