Dear Ann Series

Surviving Chemistry

5 Steps to Surviving Chemistry

You’re not alone. It’s easy to get lost in the technical language. Enhance any course textbook with these step-by-step instructions to help with your homework and classwork sheets. Master the material and perhaps even have some fun along the way.

Inside, you’ll find …
• 13 easy-to-read chapters broken down by topic
• Detailed instructions for dealing with the math
• Tips and tricks for better understanding
• Common mistakes to avoid

Bonus: Suggestions for communicating effectively with your teachers.

“Excellent coverage of key topics for chemistry students of all levels (high school and college)” ~ David A. Hunt, Ph.D., The College of New Jersey, Professor of Chemistry

Sobrevivir a la Quimica en 5 pasos
5 Step per Sopravvivere alla Chimica
Πώς θα τα βγάλεις πέρα στη Χημεία σε 5 βήματα

Practice Makes Perfect

Sassy Stoichiometry Problems Book 1

14 Worksheets and Keys for College Prep and Honors Chemistry High School Students (5 Steps Chemistry Workbook Series)

Need more Stoichiometry practice?

Stoichiometry has been striking fear into the hearts of chemistry students for ages. The best way to conquer something is to practice it.

Inside, you’ll find …

  • Brief descriptions of each type of ideal stoichiometry and limiting reactant stoichiometry
  • 4 ideal stoichiometry worksheets broken down by type with keys and explanations
  • 4 ideal stoichiometry self-quizzes with their answer keys
  • 2 limiting reactant stoichiometry worksheets with keys and explanations
  • 2 limiting reactant stoichiometry self-quizzes with answer keys
  • 2 mixed stoichiometry self-tests with answer keys

5 Steps Chemistry Workbook Series Book 2

Mighty Mole Concepts : 14 Worksheets and Keys for College Prep and Honors Chemistry High School Students

Chemistry moles got you down?

Mole concepts is a challenging unit because there are a lot of different topics. Whether you’re a teacher looking for easy worksheets to borrow or a student wanting more practice, I’ve got something for you.

Inside, you’ll find …

  • Descriptions for each of the major mole concepts topics
  • 1 worksheet covering formula mass and molar mass calculations
  • 4 worksheets covering various mole conversion topics
  • 3 worksheets covering percent calculations
  • 4 worksheets covering empirical, molecular, and moles of hydrates calculations
  • 2 mixed moles self-tests with answer keys

5 Steps to School Success

Plus, Tips For Improving Communication With Teachers

Want to make the most of your time in school?

Whether you’re just starting out your high school career or about to finish, you owe it to yourself to have more fun and stress less. How do you do that? One of the most important and easy to overlook methods is this: communicate better with your teachers.

This book can help you with that.

Inside, you’ll find …

  • An overview of how you can maximize your school success
  • Several ways to understand your teachers better
  • Several ways to improve communication with your teachers
  • A summary of the vital life skills you can learn in school
  • Tips on seeking help, gathering information, and writing excellent emails

Bonus: Wise words from students, former students, parents, and teachers.

5 Steps to Surviving Teaching

Tips for Conquering the First Year and Every Year: A High School Chemistry Teacher’s Step-by-Step Guide to Excelling at the Teaching Profession

Teaching is awesome … And tougher than it looks.

The first year of teaching will likely be the roughest one of your career, but every year has its own unique challenges. Whether you’re about to embark upon the epic journey or speeding toward burnout, I hope you can find something inspirational within these pages.

Inside, you’ll find …

  • 5 steps to surviving teaching
  • Tips and tricks for staying sane and saving time
  • Commentary on common teaching myths
  • Questions to ask yourself before quitting
  • How I improved my parent communication

Bonus: Get 7+ fun and easy-to-run chemistry and biology projects

The Dear Ann Series

The Dear Ann Series – Letters to and from Teachers, Students, Parents, and More

Real questions. Real Answers. How can we improve schools? Communication is key. So, let’s chat.