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Devya’s Children

One man’s vision created seven Gifted children.

One can read minds, another can shape dreams, and still another can heal battle wounds. The list goes on.

Join Jillian and her siblings as they navigate the dangers of living life as genetically Gifted people. Some, like Danielle, want to help them. Some, like Devya, want to control them. And many others just want to own them.

Step into their world. Hear their thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Find out what life’s like as one of Devya’s children.

Included Stories

Ashlynn’s Dreams

The kidnapping awakens Jillian’s extraordinary dream shaping Gift.

Nadia’s Tears

Jillian and Danielle fight for family and friends the best way they know how without regard for their own safety.

Malia’s Miracles

The siblings grow closer as they battle cancer on a cellular level.

Varick’s Quest

Jillian and Danielle become pawns in a scientist’s twisted bid for glory.

Additional Devya’s Children Books

Book 5: Dustin’s Decision

Freedom always has a cost, but who will pay the price?

People connected to Devya’s Children are dead or being hunted. Selling government secrets could buy them a lot of bargaining power, but Dustin’s knowledge is power.

One path leads to captivity and the chance to hone their Gifts to perfection. The other path leads to freedom and a life on the run.

Which will they choose, and who will live long enough to see the future?

Ashlynn’s Dreams Shorts: Helping Mr. Blairington and other Misadventures

Growing up is hard, especially when one’s parents get divorced.

Jillian doesn’t seek trouble, but it has a habit of finding her. She’s bold, brave, and not afraid to stand up for her friends, even if that means tackling bullies.

Jillian never knows what each day holds for her. One day has her exploring a creepy old house and the next has her trying to find a home for some sweet little puppies. The important part is the many lessons she learns along the way.

Devya’s Children Book 0: The Dark Side of Science: An Action-Packed Young Adult Scifi Prequel Featuring Genetically Altered Children

The mind can hold powerful secrets.

When Dr. Jessica Paladon worked for her friend, Dr. Dean Devya, she helped create Nadia, one of the world’s few Minders. Tough circumstances drove her away from that life, and to protect the secrets, she willingly took a drug that induced amnesia.

But now she needs those memories. Two children—her children—Nadia and Varick are competing in a winners-take-all, losers-might-die competition for the biggest secret government contract out there. They’re fighting for the right to exist.

If Jessie can’t remember, how will she help them survive?

Minder Project

The government created her. They gave her powerful telepathic gifts. Now they expect a return on that investment.

*** PG-13 rating; features genetic engineering and some heavy-hitting topics like human trafficking.

Season 1 complete (episodes 1-20)
Season 2 ongoing (releases Sundays)

Anotech Chronicles Series

Crowns come with a steep price.

On the surface, Reshner is experiencing a time of peace and prosperity, but trouble is brewing. The Royal House faces threats from without and within. Even the anotechs—fabled god-machines—will be hard-pressed to save the royals this time.

Included Titles

Book 1: Reshner’s
Royal Ranger

Prince Terosh goes on an epic journey to prove himself as a man. Reia Antellio does everything in her power to protect the prince.

Book 2: Reshner’s
Royal Threat

The political threats facing the royals spill over into violence.

Book 3: Reshner’s
Royal Guard

The Royal House falters, but hope remains.

Earth’s Melody

Star. Exile. Rebel? Donatella Velargo starred in a galaxy-spanning holodrama called Earth’s Melody. Now she’s an exile, trying to lay low. Then, she meets Max Tallinn, a handsome rebel trying to save his sister from execution. Will Donatella stick to her relatively peaceful (boring) life or embrace Max and his cause?