Science Fiction

Gifted people fight for family and freedom from tyranny.


FBI agents stand by the motto: Fidelity. Bravery. Integrity. Megan Luchek and Sam Kerman have a badge, a gun, and the will to face evil in whatever form it manifests.

Christian Fantasy

Being a Guardian Angel has never been easy, but Allister and Mina discover that it’s even more difficult when Satan has it out for you.

Christian Mystery

Two FBI agents rely on God’s help and guidance to deal with their toughest, most personal cases.

Fantasy & LitRPG

Magic makes some things easier and complicates the rest. Same for money. Wealth and power don’t make problems go away; they change the nature of the problems.


Jess Turpie tests superpowers to protect her family and discovers that love and loyalty can sometimes cause massive trust issues.

Clean Reads - Multiple Genres

Graphic Novels

Clean, kid-friendly, action-packed graphic novels featuring shapeshifters and dragons.