Superhero Saga

Season 1:
Trials, Tribulations, and Trust Issues

Name’s Jess Turpie. Having many superpowers landed me my first job out of college. Pro: Reviewing powers pays well. (Awesome.) Con: It comes with a billion strings attached. (Not so awesome.) If I don’t beat the government at their own game, I’ll lose my family. Might not seem like Earth-shattering stakes to you, but that would suck for me. Big time.

Season 2:
Boardrooms, Bounties, and Bad Guys

Superpowers just went public. Name’s Jess, and because I have multiple Gifts, I get to be the powers poster child. Lucky me. Translation: I get to deal with suited ninnies in stuffy boardrooms, a big fat target on my back, and the oodles of would-be supervillains popping up like dandelions. Keeping the peace might cost me my sanity.