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Totally Random Reviews – Movies, Games, Stories, etc.

I’ve written hundreds of reviews. Guess I’m just a highly opinionated person. (If you’ve read some of my other Vellas, you probably know I also write fictional reviews.) *** Most of the reviews will be movies, audiobooks, or other stories that fall in the PG-13 or less range.

Totally Random Meals: How to Feed Yourself with Little to No Cooking Skills

Can’t cook well. Haven’t starved. Dive in to find out how. Along the way, you may find some useful or fun meals to modify for yourself or your family. *** If you’re looking for more unsolicited opinions, check out Totally Random Reviews.

The Dear Ann Series 2 – Interviews, Life Lessons, Inspirational Tidbits, Informative Tales, and More

Everybody has a story to tell. We don’t often think of the things that shape us, yet from the time we’re born, we’re constantly learning. I’m on a quest to share as many people’s stories as possible be they inspirational, seemingly mundane, heartbreaking, or something else.