Narrated by AC Oliver

Genre: Epic Scifi

*Spoilers possible in discussion, though I do try to avoid them.


Lieutenant Jade Mahelona is sent to be Earth’s representative on a rescue mission to track down missing colonists. Evil cyborg dude wants to take over more systems.

Additional Comments:

  • Decent descriptions.
  • Nice world building. There are a lot of alien cultures.
  • The book was too long. It meandered all over the place. First, we got a little of crazy dude’s plan. Then, we got Jade on a different mission. Then, some background on the politics of the galaxy.  There was a bit about the other soldier too, Jades friendly rival.
  • The romance angle felt like a very hastily added thing, like, whoops, probably should put some romance in here. 
  • Well performed. Characters were distinguishable. Only a few of the chosen voices were annoying, which with something this extensive is about right.
  • This is hard scifi with a lot of intriguing characters.
  • The cyborg crazy dude’s motivation wasn’t always clear. It seemed to be defined as stereotypical take over more systems.
  • Politics and the pseudo-love interest whose name I can’t remember right now didn’t get too much page time, but I liked the twists.
  • The entire band angle seemed superfluous.
  • The journey to get where they were going seemed like it took forever and a half.
  • The cultural exploration pieces felt tacked on. Plant guy’s infatuation with Vishnu was random, but he eventually came to his senses.
  • End battle was cool. Probably took 50 minutes of audio though because it happened in at least two different locations from three-plus perspectives.
  • The author almost painted himself into a corner with making the bad guy nearly invincible.

Conclusion: 4 of 5 Stars

Very detailed scifi adventure. If you’re into hard scifi, this is a good option.

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