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You’re a singer with a dead-end job who gets the chance of a lifetime on a Television singing competition.

Additional Comments:

  • One of the mentors and possible love interests is a Taylor Swift-esque young woman with an awesome British accent.
  • The other is a bad boy type.
  • I forget if there is a third option here.
  • The songs are actually sung by somebody. They’re not super blow-ya-away type songs, but they are sweet and well done.
  • It delves a bit into the dark side of the traditional music life, where one’s entire career can be controlled by the label.
  • The idea of selling a song to a different artist so you can find the time to be creative is intriguing.
  • They provided the typical rival going through similar motions.
  • Don’t recall many specifics about the exact plot, but I remember enjoying the journey, even though there weren’t any life-or-death moments.
  • I started a second playthrough, but didn’t get far.


A fun, escapism story. IT might be worth giving another go someday.

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