promo pic for Blood Bound – Choices Story

Genre: Fantasy (Vampires)


This gets lumped up there with mindless ridiculousness that manages to be fun. The premise is that you’re a hot young personal assistant for Adrian Raines, and first day on the job, you manage to discover the boss is a vampire. Welcome to a world of weird.

Additional Comments:

  • Good Guy Characters: Adrian, your boss and vampire hottie 1, struggles with his inner darkness. Lily Spencer’s your best friend and roommate. She’s the lovable geeky sort. Jax Matsuo’s leader of the clanless vampires and hottie 2. Kamilah Sayeed’s also a romance option. She’s ancient and kinda awesome.
  • Bad Guy Characters: The Baron’s a sicko even for a vampire in the world. Ferals are vampires who kinda didn’t take to the whole turning thing. Think zombies but faster and more bug-eyed.
  • History: The premium purchases tend to revolve around seeing history scenes and occasionally getting a cool outfit or a weapon. Weapons are way more tempting than outfits.
  • They managed to throw in a few balls and parties and opportunities for general debauchery.


Check your brain at the door and enjoy the ridiculousness.

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