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*Will be spoiler free-ish until the end*

4.5/5 Captain Marvel


Vers can’t remember who she is or where she came from. Guess she has classic heroine amnesia. Nevertheless, this plays a big role in her journey from chick with cool powers to full-blown hero who can give a good smack down to the evildoers.

Additional Comments:

– Story (4.5/5 stars) – Don’t know how the story compares to the comics as I’ve never read them. But I think they did a nice job taking what was probably a long, long list of comics and beating it into a coherent tale. It’s classic hero’s journey, but it still works.

– Pacing (3.5/5 stars) – There’s a lot of backstory to cover. It works overall, but led to some sections that felt sluggish compared to the rest.

– Humor (4/5 stars) – It’s light on humor, but the bits of it included work very well. Specifics in spoiler section.

– I missed several very key lines because of audience reactions, but I suppose that’s part of the experience too.

– Twists (5/5 stars) – Even if you saw them coming from a million miles away, they still worked.

– Fury’s eyepatch story is epic. That is all.


Definitely worth seeing on the big screen, and definitely worth watching at least twice.

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Amazon Prime

The Collins Case – 2 FBI agents track down a kidnapped family. Kid friendly.

If fantasy’s more your thing, go Redeemer Chronicles. The first, Awakening, is available as an audiobook.

Ashlynn’s Dreams Shorts – a kid deals with her parents’ divorce, bullies, and the wonder of discovery.

Try The Dark Side of Science – Genetically altered kids fight for the right to live.


Spoiler Section:
– Funny parts: This is where I think there will be good replay value.
– Goose basically eating some of the bad guys. Okay, so essentially it went all rathtar on them. Still a Disney property I guess.
– Our girl punching out the little old lady.
– Goose hacking up the tesseract. (End credit scene)
– Powerful moments:
– The beginning “Thank you Stan” darn near made me cry. Also, it was kind of funny that they made every face his on the beginning marvel intro.
– Carol letting Lieutenant Trouble pick her colors. The resulting uniform alone got some cheers. Ah, fanboys (and girls). Got to love ’em. Even when you wanna throw popcorn at them and tell them “shut up and watch the movie already.”
– They actually did a very good job with her mental journey to break free of the Supreme Intelligence. The flashback getting up scenes were probably overdone, but I’ll let it slide because the overall mission got accomplished.

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