pic is screenshot of what Google said about who was in the movie.


Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, etc (did not see Farrell in Penguin, props to makeup dept.)


A darker sort of Batman that relies heavily upon nostalgia and twists.

Additional Comments:

First the complaints:

  • It was too darn long. That’s probably going to be a recurring theme in my review. You remember back in the day when Return of the King had a nice, lovely ending, and then the movie went on and on and on for another hour? Yeah, like that.
  • It had some super weird camera angles and unnecessary very long sections of just seeing a flashlight or several flashlights as somebody chased somebody somewhere. It’s like the director was like, ya know what would make this awesomer? Let’s shoot it with a Go-Pro because everybody wants to feel like they’re a fly on the man’s ear along for the ride.
  • The Riddler seemed godlike in his knowledge. Okay, so I stepped out to use the restroom, so they might have explained how he knows what he knows, but that’s because it was 3 flipping hours.

Now the Weird/Odd/Neutral/Gratuitous:

  • Pattinson with the mask on is fine. He’s got a suitably chiseled jaw for the job.
  • Pattinson without the mask needed a freaking haircut. He was pushing the emo, rich boy thing a little too hard.
  • This version of Batman was a tad gullible and spent the entire movie chasing one thing after another.
  • The chase scene was an exercise in blowing up stuff just to make the batmobile look cooler. (It worked, but my personal enjoyment was interrupted by some really weird camera angles.)

What they did right:

  • Catwoman and her relationship with Batman, sort of good, sort of misunderstood, sort of bad.
  • Alfred and his relationship with Bruce.
  • General fight scenes were fine.


It’s worth seeing. I don’t know if it’s worth seeing multiple times.

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