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Directed by Elizabeth Banks.

Starring: Ella Balinska, Kristen Stewart, and Naomi Scott


Standard girl-power sort of action flick. Premise is that the next high-tech gadget ready to light up the world has a flaw, meaning it could be turned into a weapon. Contrary to many action flicks, I don’t think it’s the blow-up-the-world type. It’s more of a perfect-assassin’s-tool.

Additional Comments:

– 95% of the soundtrack is pop-esque. I appreciated the fact that occasionally the music matched the country. It might have done so more often and I just didn’t catch it. Haven’t downloaded it yet, but I got a code from an AMC promo. I enjoyed most of the music.

– I liked that they attempted some interesting twists.

– Pretty sure it involved some cursing, but it didn’t rely on hard language to carry a non-existent plot, which I appreciated.

– Aside: I did not remember Scott was also Princess Jasmine in the latest Disney money grab reboot of one of its classic animated movies.

– Plot 3.5/5: I’m pretty sure it’s on par with most action movies. Lots of sleek tech, people trying to kill the heroines, fighting, etc. Strangely, all the globetrotting slowed the movie down.

– Characters 4/5: The trio of leading ladies works with the stereotypes. You have a tough girl (Jane Kano played by Ella Balinska), the maverick (Sabina Wilson played by Kristen Stewart), and the newbie (Elena Houghlin played by Naomi Scott). Incidentally, there is decent character development which I appreciate. Also, Kristen Stewart successfully rocks the short hair look as Sabina.

– A few scenes probably could have been safely cut, but it’s still entertaining overall.

– The movie has a strong, over-the-top, feminist message that sort of backfires. It might have been a better show if it had a good balance of characters.

– Passes the Entertain-me test.


Not bad for a reboot. It’s a fun movie to see in theaters with the larger-than-life screens. Most action movies miss something when they’re played back on a itty-bitty phone screen. A home theater system might suffice. Charlie’s Angels is worth seeing once on a big screen and maybe once later on Netflix or TV.

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