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On the surface, a simple case of a worried single mother trying to find her missing friend. Deeper, full of twist and turns and secrets that make the story quite a soap opera.

Aside: I liked Henry Golding better in Crazy Rich Asians. He’s still good here, but his character is less likable.

This is a movie with a simple title and very complicated setup.


Additional Comments:

– The three main actors/actresses, Anna Kendrick (Stephanie), Blake Lively (Emily), and Henry Golding (Sean) all did stellar jobs through the ups and downs of this story.

– Odd genre compilation: It’s super dark one minute and light and fluffy the next.

– Story 4/5: I did enjoy most of the twists in the story. I liked that it kept you guessing.

– End 3.5/5: The text that simulates true story documentaries was kind of a cliché touch. The text itself didn’t take itself seriously, but I think there are like 40 seconds of black screen with text about the “where are they now” stuff.

– The two young actors who play Nicky and Miles are adorable…and handled their roles well. Still (soap box moment for me) I’m not a fan of any movie that has a 5/6 year old portrayed dropping f-bombs. That’s just sad.

– Dark comedy: The movie contains quite a few moments of dark humor.

– Content Warnings: Definite for adults. This one dropped so many f-bombs within the first few minutes and sustained that pace throughout. There are some adult scenes, relatively tastefully presented both in flashback and current state of being.


Not my usual fare, but interesting to watch once.

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