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Narrated by Joseph A. Batzel

Run time: 22 minutes

*Spoiler possible in discussion


Leron, a high school freshman, gets bullied at school. He’s a talented composer who eventually takes the pain of being bullied and turns it into a beautiful song.

Additional Comments:

  • Pretty sure the book description tells the entire story, start to finish. It’s a tad confusing because it mentions Leron’s Song, which I’m guessing may be an alternate title??
  • 22 minutes, with 3 something minutes being the song, means that the story itself is about 4K words. The cover and description give the impression that this was made from a comic book. Although I considered turning one of my comics into an audiobook, I elected to go with the full ebook instead of the comic adaptation since that medium relies heavily upon the illustrations.
  • The story itself is fairly standard kid-being-bullied tale. However, the cover kind of made me think middle school not high school. Also, bullying certainly happens, but with the climate of today, I don’t buy that nothing happened to the bullies. They would have at least been suspended. Many high schools have cameras.
  • Also, I guess it could happen, but it’d be a rarity for a civics class to have both freshman and “older” kids, at least all 3 of the bullies. One, sure. Kids transfer in and then have to make up a class. Social studies classes in general typically go by grade level though. It’d be more believable if it were a science class since those are offered in different order depending on the district. So, a physics class with mostly freshmen at one place could conceivably have a junior or senior taking it.
  • Narration’s decently done. The story itself didn’t demand much in the way of character variety due to the brevity of the story.
  • The song at the end is a nice touch. But if the MC is meant to be the one singing, the “voice” definitely doesn’t fit. It’s a beautiful song, but I’m not sure a high school freshman would have a singing/rapping voice that’s that deep. Senior, maybe.
  • Not sure I entirely agree with the take home message. The MC internalizes the pain of being bullied and uses it as a catalyst to make his music sing out his problems all the louder. While that’s beautiful and can easily be pegged as realistic, I was hoping for a bit more of a here’s-how-you-get-help-if-you’re-in-that-situation message.


A nice short story meant to be inspirational.

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