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Narrated by Billy O’Shea

Run Time: 7 hrs and 35 min


Karl Nielsen’s little caper with the former king turns into a much bigger affair. There’s also a separate story like with two Irish monks, Brother Joe (who’s actually a woman) and (Brother Christopher).

Additional Comments:

  • Performance 4/5: The author has a nice reading voice. He handles each character well. Many of the minor ones sound the same, but that’s to be expected. People in the same scene are distinct. That’s what counts the most.
  • Story 4.5/5: Could be titled Karl’s lousy week. Promised a lucrative, quick trip, he follows along in the charismatic deposed king’s wake … and winds up in a world of trouble. The Northlanders have blockaded Cantabor (sorry about spelling, I heard the audiobook, so I’m not entirely sure on spelling). The city is starving. There’s distrust and accusations flying all over the place.
  • Going deeper: If you’d like to go deeper, the plot also brings up a lot of great points about running a kingdom, being a leader, superstition, propaganda and story spin, etc. It brings up an excellent point about human nature. When things go well, people are quite willing to help their fellow man, but when times are tough, they flip to defensive mode and all bets are off.
  • Characters are likable: Brother Christopher and Brother Joe are amusing. Karl’s ingenious in his own way, but he’s certainly not an action hero, which is part of his charm.
  • Closure is decent: The threads here are answered for, but there is an opening for the author to continue the tale with one of the threads through the monks.
  • Content rating: clean. There’s some pseudo cursing and mention (in passing) of things like torture, but nothing is described in gory detail.
  • The trilogy is unique in the sense that it’s set in the future but reads like the distant past. So, it’s technically post-apocalypse, but reads like historical steampunk. It’s really an interesting mix.
  • I listened to it twice. It was enjoyable both times.


A satisfying conclusion to a charming, if somewhat odd, tale of a clockmaker’s misadventures.

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