picture is audible cover.

Narrated by Jess Trepanier

Run time: 7 hrs and 37 min


Ally (Alicia Hawkins) loses her husband to a car accident. This sends her into a tailspin. She decides to sell her house and move to a quaint cottage she bought without visiting. (Mistake number one)

She needs to do a lot of work to the cottage, but the contractor (Handsome Jerry) can’t find local people who will work on the project because the cottage is haunted.

Additional Comments:

  • Emily’s the owner and waitress at the local diner. She’s also loaded and willing to be a ghost hunting assistant.
  • Jerry’s a decent love interest.
  • Ally and Emily end up going on a scavenger hunt of sorts to unravel an ancient mystery.
  • Some of the ghosts are nice … others are kind of ticked off.
  • The book has some excellent sections but there are also slow parts too. The romance angle with the contractor is fine but it is kind of just a bunny trail to the main story.
  • With some restructuring, the main story could have been much faster paced (riveting). As is, it’s still good, but I wouldn’t exactly call it exciting.
  • Not sure why it started with the main character and her best friend in a bathroom stall smoking weed. It seems to be the wrong starting vibe. The book really started once the MC bought her little haunted cottage. There’s literally no reason for the scene since the bestie drops off until the last chapter and maybe one phone conversation.
  • Performance is solid. Audio quality is good. Editing missed one repeated line, but that’s not a huge deal.
  • Narrator has a pleasant voice and decent skill at distinguishing characters. I grabbed a bunch of other stuff she’s done, though I’m definitely sensing a pattern to the types of books she selects.
  • The narrator reminds me of Brittney Goodwin. (She’s one of the narrators I’ve worked with.)

Conclusion: 4 of 5 stars

I would definitely listen to the narrator again. The story was slow at times, but it had a predictable sort of ending that tied things up nicely.

*I received a free copy of the audiobook. I have chosen to review this. All thoughts are my own.

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