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Narrated by Carrie Coello

Run Time: 7 hrs and 23 mins


Typical cozy mystery with a likable if somewhat bumbling main character. Eva Fairchild moves across the country to settle down by her sister. She lives on a houseboat made from old shipping containers, which is where the series name comes from.

Additional Comments:

  • Eva’s likable. Kind of a people magnet. People confide in her pretty easily. She’s nosy but not stupidly so.
  • There are suitable side intrigues to fill in the space.
  • Random mentions of the main love interest smelling good.
  • Eva’s sister’s family is cute. They have a nice, hunky dory sort of relationship.
  • It would have helped if I cared more about the victim, but he’s presented as a womanizing environmental crusader. That’s a double-edge sword that also reads meddling whack-job.
  • The bad guys are development companies and crooked politicians. Who doesn’t love to dump on politicians? The presentation of progress being all about money at the detriment of the environment was a pretty heavy-handed, preachy message in here, but as long as you concentrate on the characters and their charms, it’s easy to ignore.
  • There’s enough small town sort of charm and intrigue to keep me from mentally screaming: MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN, which is sometimes the case with cozy mysteries.
  • Distinct lack of cats in the story. I think it’s made up for by meddlesome mother figures and people in love with their hair dye.
  • There’s so much other stuff going on that the title mystery is almost an afterthought. I generally don’t nitpick titles, but it might have been better served with a cutesy cozy sort of name. The title just doesn’t scream cozy mystery or have the feel of the story that’s within.
  • Willow’s cool. She’s a good excuse for the MC to have random side adventures.
  • Performance is decent. I’ve got to hunt up some other books by Carrie Coello or I’m going to type cast her as always playing this sort of character – sweet but slightly clueless.


Okay cozy. Worth a listen.

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