Picture from Audible

Narrated by Lillian Rachel

Genre: (Culty knockoffs of Pride and Prejudice, I’m kidding, sorta); historical-ish

Run Time: 6 hrs and 41 Minutes


It’s a re-writing of Pride and Prejudice with the same characters, like in a parallel universe or something. Same characters, same family dynamics, except first ball *BOOM* Mrs. Bennet arranges the coup of all societal coups and arranges for Lizzy and Darcy’s private conversation to be finagled into wedding bells.

Additional Comments:

  • 4/5 stars Performance was fine. British accents are okay. Narrator’s voice is nice and fits Elizabeth well.
  • 3/5 stars Plot – Okay, this might be a flaw of me expecting more. It doesn’t seem like much is happening. Elizabeth gets married and then spends the other 5 and a half hours learning to navigate the ins and outs of being the good wife of a much larger estate than she grew up on.
  • Characters 3.5/5 stars – Everything else panned out much the same. Wickham’s still a charming jerk, Lydia’s still silly idiot, Jane’s still a saint, etc.
  • Content warning – It’s a period piece. Keep that in mind or you’ll be too weirded out by the statutory rape (Lydia is 15).
  • Random musing – I still don’t know how Pride and Prejudice (a decent story) managed to spawn so many re-writings. I still gravitate to the weird ones (zombies, dragons, etc), but there are ones set before, during, after, in the modern day. Maybe it’s just one of the few people know are in the public domain and therefore fair game for riffs? It’s essentially legal fanfiction.


Clearly, there is a market for these kinds of books. This is a suitable representative of the subgenre of Pride and Prejudice re-writings.

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