Jim wants to be a superhero. He’s got the powers, a heck of a lot of them actually. But his trials went pretty awry. Fate or whatnot draws him into a world saving/dooming conflict.

Additional Comments:

– Plot 4/5 Overall, it follows a pretty logical path while still maintaining some unique pieces of worldbuilding.

– Worldbuilding 4.5/5: It actually makes a lot of sense for a story based solely around the idea of superheroes. It doesn’t delve deeply into the why of there being powers, but where possible, it tries to explain and keep semi-true to science.

– Characters 4/5: Jim’s mostly likable.

– Cover: Very cool, but doesn’t quite fit the story. For one thing, the guy on the cover looks 30, the main character here is 16.

– Narration 4/5: I love the narrator’s voice and would definitely listen to more books by him, but his voice is a tad mature for voicing the first person pov of a 16 year old kid.

– Overall 4/5: Was completely awesome until the end where it made a distinct point of hitting nearly every one of the superhero clichés. The main character actually has a 5 minute conversation with himself over how cliché his life has become and says he’s okay with that.

– I have not heard many superhero stories, but this definitely ranks among the highest of them. It stays true to the genre without throwing in randomness. It’s YA friendly.


If you like the superhero genre, this is definitely one to check out.

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Try The Dark Side of Science or Ashlynn’s Dreams if you want more kid heroes. These don’t wear capes, but they still have some pretty awesome powers.


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