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Spoilers, definitely spoilers


If you’re not a fan of the game it probably doesn’t make much sense. Following the characters is a tad hard because you can’t readily tell who is who from the start. I still can’t tell you the name of the baby mage. There’s a heck of a lot of CGI. That makes it look a tad hokey, but most special effects work nicely. I especially like the magic spells, including teleportation.


Sorry, my spellings are probably gonna be atrocious here.

Additional Comments:

– Durotan and his pregnant wife are first characters seen. Orc clans are gathered. Prisoners used for opening portal. First thing is a baby born? Healing by blood magic. That’s weird.

– Switch to Ironforge to get a message. Switch to Stormwind. Mage is a captive. Wants to examine a body. Tells dude in charge to summon a guardian. Can’t tell his name. It is a darn good thing they label things.

– Horde busy sacking villagers.

– Anduin Lothar climbs a ton of steps to meet the Guardian, Medivh

– Boy mage wanders the library and finds a magic book. Powers nicely done. Barrier.

– Gorona? Orcs aren’t from this world. Taking prisoners to open the portal to bring the horde.

– The orcs shoot the breeze. Need to defeat Goldan. Wants to run a coup with the humans help.

– Gorona to lead them to the horde. Her name means cursed.

– Brief glimpse of Dalaran. Yay.

– Durotan tells them of his intentions… wants to meet the king.

– The queen gives Gorona a dagger to protect herself from danger.

– Guardian burns the kid’s research. Tells him to protect the king.

– The orcs were summoned from the Azeroth side of the gate.

– Durotan and Lothar meet. Guardian watches.

– King Llane wants king to attack the camp in two days.

– Guardian calls down a lightning storm. Lothar’s son is on the wrong side. Callen killed in front of Lothar. Guardian has green eyes.

– Durotan called out as a traitor.

– Gorona is afraid that Lothar will hate her. The guardian has a heart to heart with her. Gives her a blue magic flower and teleportation to somewhere. Still not sure what the blue flower was about.

– Lothar wants them to fight. Medivh returns and speaks to the council. He gets himself thrown in jail. Lothar tells Gorona to not trust Medivh.

– Mage turns the guard to a sheep. Ha, I do remember loving that spell. Recruits Lothar to kill a demon.

– Baby mage (Khadgar – that is NOT clear in the movie even thought he probably says his name several times) kills the demon.

– Lothar tries to bring back the kings body. Ends up in a duel with a new baddie.



– Baby orc is adorable.

– I like the map. Very pretty. Table map.

– music by guy who does game of thrones.

– The giant battle was nicely done.

– Gryphons are cool.


It’s no Lord of the Rings, but the movie is surprisingly entertaining. The plot’s fairly complicated. The end and the beginning have a nice symmetry.

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