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Apparently, there are a lot of Godzilla movies, so I’m guessing this one will become known as Godzilla 2019. The original title (King of the Monsters) is a tad clunky. Anyway, I had the privilege of seeing an early screening of the film 5/22/19. I’m going to preface with this might be the only Godzilla movie I’ve seen start to finish because I’m not a huge monster movie fan.


At the opening, Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga) and her daughter, Madison (Millie Bobby Brown), get kidnapped from a Monarch site where they’re keeping Mothra on ice. Kyle Chandler’s character, Mark Russell gets called up to help with the rescue efforts. The bad guys, led by Charles Dance’s character, Jonah Alan, want to bring balance back to the Earth by loosing the titans.

Additional Comments:

– Special effects (4/5 stars): They’re pretty. My major fear going into the movie consisted of there being so much going on that I’d get motion sick with strobing lights. Thankfully, that did not happen. The monster battles turned out epic and satisfying.

– Story (3.5/5 stars): The general premise (bad guys wreaking havoc in the name of righting the world) has been done before, but they pull it off fairly well.

– Characters (3/5 stars): I didn’t really connect with any of the human characters, even the Russell family. The “twists” and turns to their fate don’t really surprise. Godzilla is indeed impressive, as is the dragon critter.

– Fight Scenes (4.5/5 stars): The talking time got a tad boring, but the fights had sufficient space between them to each appear epic in their own right.

– If you’re a Godzilla fan, you’ll likely find a heck of a lot to nitpick, but you’ll also probably come out satisfied overall. It may not land up in your “BEST Godzilla movie EVER” category, but it’ll be decently high on your list.

– The audience at the pre-screening responded well to most of the points.

– The writers attempted humor where appropriate and sometimes where not appropriate. It landed well most of the time.


Worth seeing? Yes. Worth seeing in theaters? Definitely, yes. This type of movie really ought to be seen on a big screen. Going to the movies can get expensive because of the ticket prices, food, etc, especially if you want to bring a family. That said, the larger than life struggles portrayed are definitely enhanced by a theater experience.

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Randomness some might count a spoiler

– The credits were hilarious (King Ghidora – HIMSELF, Godzilla, HIMSELF, Mothra – HERSELF, Rodan – HIMSELF).

– End credit scene tied up a loose end, sort of. Overall, it was kind of boring as a last scene though.

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