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3/5 King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – mild spoilers possible


A new twist on an old tale. A brother rises up against his brother to steal the throne. His quest for power leads him to corruption, power, and ultimately doom.

Additional Comments:

– beginnings reminds me of LOTR with the elephants

– nice use of magic. Weird music.

– bridge fight like Thor.

– dude who plays Littlefinger is in this.

– civil war? Jude Law’s character. Sacrifice… ouch.

– dude who played Bolton is also in it, Jack.

– dude from orphan black in here too. Donnie I think.

– all the slow motion stuff is tedious.

– Art becomes a fugitive.

– very public execution. The mage and rebels save him.

– the sword keeps kicking his behind.

– chase scene is disorienting.

– plot is standard yet still effective. Capture his friends.

– it’s like a very strange video game.


If you like strange takes on medieval tales, like A Knight’s Tale, then the music choices won’t throw you. If you’re looking for a faithful rendition of King Arthur’s rise to power, then you might be a tad disappointed. It’s entertaining but in a weird way.


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