You guessed it. I don’t own the pic. It’s a suitably creepy one for the season though.


Alliances are shifting. Joffrey’s fresh off a victory he largely didn’t win himself. He’s still a sadistic fool everybody loves to hate, except Cersi, she genuinely loves the twit. Robb Stark’s still fighting but Ironborn (Theon Greyjoy’s people) control much of the North.

Additional Comments:

– I have a new favorite character: Margaery’s grandmother, Olenna Tyrell. She calls her son Lord Oaf of High Garden in her first, very frank conversation with Sansa. The lady’s downright hilarious and I think she was on screen for like 2 minutes tops.

– episode 4 might be my favorite so far. Most was boring, but the few minutes of Dany gaining her Unsullied army were epic.

– This season adds in more torture than I remember.

– The show’s certainly not afraid to bump off main characters, though we knew that from Season 1.

– One thing I’ve started to appreciate more these days is the end credits music choices. For example, episode 9 doesn’t have music at the end, but that fits the mood perfectly. It’s a stunning silence.

– the end of the season is actually a high and beautiful note. Mhysa is both a lovely song and a sweet moment.


A well-rounded season with highs and lows and understandable struggles across Westros.

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