Narrated by Ginger Sue and Dustin Spiehler


A fairy is chosen to be a companion for a sadistic princess.

Additional Comments:

  • 2.5/5 Main Character: Finished the book yesterday and I honestly can’t remember the main character’s name. That tells me she’s not that memorable. I remember she’s a fairy. She was clueless at the beginning and clueless at the end. That got annoying. Redeeming quality: she did have some neat powers that grew a little over time.
  • 4.5/5 Worldbuilding: The world is rich and full, violent but cool. Some of the race names seemed lazy, but the author spent a lot of time explaining things. Many of the revelations work naturally without coming across as straight info dumping, though with the sheer amount of information, some info dumping is inevitable.
  • 1/5 Closure: Yeah, the story doesn’t really finish. Was more like a “gosh, this is getting long. Okay, I’ll just end it here so they’ll buy the sequel.” That’s a pretty common tactic, but it’s a cheap shot. This has one of the worst senses of closure I’ve experienced in a long time. Usually, the author at least tries to wrap up an arc of the story.
  • 4.5/5 Narration: Ginger Sue and Dustin Spiehler provided a nice performance. It’s first person point of view
  • 3/5 Plot: A lot happens and there are a few cool twists. Major problem is they go nowhere.
  • Audience: Probably best suited for older YA group and adults who enjoy YA fantasy.
  • Has a cool cover.
  • Content Warnings: There’s a fairly large amount of casual swearing throughout the book. There are a few disgusting descriptions of fantasy violence.


If a lack of closure doesn’t bother you, this is a strong start to a fantasy series.

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