Narrated by Priscilla Finch


Miri discovers she’s a shapeshifter. She can take the form of a cat, but only if she has a charm her grandmother bestowed upon her. Little does she know, somebody else wants her charm and that power, and he wants it very badly.

Additional Comments:

  • Likeable characters. You don’t get to know much about Miri, but that might be on purpose to leave room for growth later.
  • Plot is predictable but still enjoyable.
  • Decent narrator.
  • I thought there’d be a little more fanfare over Miri discovering she’s a shapeshifter.
  • The middle kind of turns into a Harry Potter-eque thing where Miri tries to figure out her powers at the magical school.
  • Interesting world with a lot of room for expansion.
  • Content warnings: A few mild curse words. There’s quite a bit of violence. It’s glossed over but there’s talk of rape, mind control, seduction, really brutal beatings, murder, eating kids, etc.


If there’d been a tad less violence, I would highly recommend the book to middle schoolers, but as is, I’d say high school or older. Otherwise, the book has a lot of charm and cool world-building.

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