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Narrated by Denise Levine

Run Time: 11 hrs and 11 mins

*spoilers possible in discussion


The description tells you absolutely nothing. The paperback description tells you a little more, but almost as bullet points. This is a long, complicated look at one woman’s life pretty much from birth to beyond death.

Additional Comments:

  • Performance 4/5 stars: Well performed. There weren’t many alternate character voices needed because this is very much all about Winnie. The narrator did a nice with the main character, following her a long way through many life changes and events.
  • If something bad could happen to someone, it’s probably happened to Winnie. Success, check. Failure, check. Sexual abuse, check. Rape, check. Homelessness, check. Loneliness, check. Love, check. Debilitating disease, check.
  • Content Warning: There are a few curse words and strong themes like emotional abuse, substance use (maybe abuse?), child abuse, rape, etc.
  • The story is certainly thoroughly described. It falls in the category of using 500 words to say something that should have been 50. Thus, it comes down to personal preference. If you like long-winded, literature heavy, depressing stuff, this is definitely something to check out. If you don’t, keep fishing for a different book because this isn’t for you.
  • Use of dialogue tags is atrocious. I finally get why people are like, said is the only dialogue tag that should ever be used. Personally, I like some variety, but wafted does not qualify. Other word choice is somewhat odd too. (Dismembering a tree.)
  • Not arguing that this woman didn’t have a rough life, but some of her reactions are off. I really can’t say much without running straight into spoiler territory.
  • The mystical aspects were fine. I like fantasy, but it seemed out of place in the type of story unfolding.
  • Random thing that sort of amused me. The woman and the person she loves make up a code for their own personal love language. That part is cool. The acronym AF is not. What they meant it to mean and what I’m used to that meaning are very different things.


If you like literature and deep dives into people’s lives (the good, the bad, and the ugly), you might like this.

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