Gant Maker’s distinguished military career comes to a screeching halt when he runs across a race of homicidal aliens called the Vacra. Nobody believes him … until now. With the Vacra back, the military and higher-ups turn to Maker for help. They want to send him to Terminus, a disputed planet beyond the edge of civilized space.

Additional Comments:

– This isn’t the only audiobook prepped by this pair, but I think it might be the one that the narrator fits best. Naramore sounds very natural as a slightly grumpy, jaded military guy. (That’s a compliment, I promise.)

– The book has some unnecessarily long sections and a slightly painful beginning, but once past the first bit, it turns awesome. The way Maker’s initial story unfolds (him re-telling it to the people who come to him for help) is stuffed with interruptions that break up the flow, making it come out a hot mess. The setup and team-gathering part is okay, but from the time they set foot on Terminus to the end is very entertaining.

– Characters 4/5:

The team gathered is an all-star cast of misfits, headed by a guy all about second chances. There’s the blind sharpshooter, the pacifist doctor, the tinkerer, and the spy, as well as the shady sergeant with black market connections and the fearless leader, Maker.


Any book has some setup. This book had it where it counted, in the middle and end. There’s enough closure to leave the listener satisfied yet leave the door open for more in the series. Nice start to a military scifi-thriller series.


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