I typically only post reviews of things I’ll put on the audiobook edge list. While this one will not be featured, it’s the sort of story that each person should decide for themselves whether to give it a go.


A girl gets kidnapped and trained in her special skill …


Additional Comments:

– I am all for that premise! The first few chapters were decent as the MC discovered her identity and such. … But then it turned into a Twilight-esque paranormal teen romance, which I am not a fan of. (If you like that genre, you may like this book, so there’s merit in checking the series out for yourself.)

– Much of the book centered on Jackie meeting the team and working with them, but there wasn’t much of a sense of the danger in the wider paranormal world, except for some random werewolves who clearly wanted to cause havoc and a crazy Vampire chick.

– Aside on crazy Vampire chick – her motives were petty or unclear (if I missed the deeper motives).

– Content warning: the “adult” scenes were handled well but there is quite a bit of strong language throughout the book.

– The end battle was well described.

– As an audiobook was about 3 hours too long, but the narrator did a nice job with the performance.

– The end has an okay amount of closure, but it’s definitely left open for more. (I think the series has 5 books now.)


I personally won’t be continuing Jackie’s adventures, but I can see how the series could appeal to diehard fans of paranormal teen romance. If that’s your thing, check it out and decide if you want to continue. Read up on the other reviews and see whose opinion you think your tastes match more. They typically tend to be in two camps (this was awesome and this was so terrible I had to warn somebody).


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