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Narrated by E. Dante Chandler

Run Time: 8 hrs and 4 mins

Genre: Fantasy Romance


Victor love Ariana, but she loves a human. The Sea Witch’s son tries to protect his friend, but she’s smitten.

Additional Comments:

  • The initial setup to the world (~1/4-1/3 of the books) was interesting. The middle lagged a lot in terms of pacing, but the last bit had more action.
  • Main characters 3/5 stars: Victor’s an intriguing character. Ariana mostly came across as a lovestruck fool. (She got better at the end, but only after several twists.) Ivan was useless and annoying.
  • Parts of the story remind me of Wicked (the excellent play, not the awful book) – conceptually when good intentions are taken the wrong way.
  • Side characters: I liked Ivan’s brother and future sister-in-law? (the other princess)  
  • Plot 3.5/5 stars: There’s a lot happening. Most of the middle plodded on in an annoying fashion until one excellent, satisfying plot point. After that, things got much better quickly. Before this satisfying moment I spent about an hour fervently hoping something like this would happen.
  • Writing style 3/5 stars: The writing seemed passive in many sections. (This happened. Then this happened. Then this happened.) Then, there would be sections with deep descriptions.
  • 4/5 I played the audiobook fast. The performance repeated a few lines here and there, but overall hit most of the right emotional beats.
  • 5/5 High marks for imagination. It’s an interesting take and expansion on The Little Mermaid tale.


If you enjoy rewritten fairy tales, this is a solid choice to check out.

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