Narrated by Dave Cruse


Jeremy Riker wakes up feeling like he must have had a really bad night. Turns out he’s been elected to save the galaxy.

Additional Comments:

– Aside from the main characters affiliation to his past job, the whole boneyard dog angle is kind of lost on me.

– The blurb is stylistic but tells the reader zip about the story. The only thing you get out of it is a sense for the writing style. It’s first person, lighthearted, and tongue-in-cheek for the most part. If that style works for you, you’ll probably enjoy it. If it ticks you off, avoid like a plague.

– Quite a few places have comments referencing future events. While an okay tactic to use once in a while, it got old very quickly.

– Content warnings: Nothing described but a lot of innuendo. I think there might be a curse word or two.

– Lacks a sense of closure. It’s very short for a scifi story, which isn’t necessarily bad. It falls into that series trap of “we won, or did we”?


An intriguing start to a fun series. If you can get past the few annoying quirks, you’ll probably enjoy the tale.

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