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Narrated by Jim Patton

Run Time: 4 hrs and 7 mins

Genre: historical fiction, time-split


A short historical time-split novel with a 99-year-old Confederate vet telling one of his descendants part of his story. Ezekial McNair lived through the Civil War but can still recall the horrors vividly.

Additional Comments:

  • Take a while to get into the story that’s foretold in the book description. It begins with the outer tale and then starts the man’s story as a boy. That part is interesting but not super relevant.
  • Midway through the book we get to the part where he’s training and drilling with his regiment. That part is downright hilarious. There’s probably a lot the author straight up made up, but I can easily imagine these green, country boys making the same remarks about their expectations of war.
  • It stops after the first battle description then skims the rest of the war.
  • In that sense, the pacing is way off. It’s still enjoyable but would be a much stronger tale if it started with the training and went through at least a battle at the beginning, middle, and end of the war, eased off with a description of how the army disbanded and such. As is, it doesn’t even feel like a complete tale.
  • Content warnings: battle descriptions
  • Performance is okay. The narrator did all the male voices fine but struggled some with the teenage girls.


Very good but has an incomplete feel. I’m sure it’s aiming for a series, but that’s unnecessary. You could write a hundred similar tales that differ because of the characters you make.

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