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Seemingly on a whim, Ron Stallworth, a black cop in Colorado Springs, answers an ad for the KKK. Surprisingly, he gets through and the conversation goes well enough that they want to meet. He ends up having many conversations with the KKK and running a long investigation into them and their activities. He’s helped by Flip Zimmerman (played by Adam Driver), a white cop who agrees to do the face-to-face meetings with the KKK for obvious reasons.

Additional Comments:

– It’s based on a true story. Sometimes, I wonder how loosely things are based on true stories, but this one seems like they wouldn’t deviate too far.

– Music choices were pretty good.

– There’s a good bit of humor.

– Content warnings: very, very strong language.

– Beginning = odd:  The very beginning they opened with a bizarre clip from an old movie that portrayed black union soldiers terrorizing southern plantation types. You pretty much forget that as they worked very hard to suck you into the 1960’s era US.

– Middle = powerful: At one point, they bounced back and forth between a klan meeting and a meeting of the Black Student Union. That was probably their most powerful and awesome sections. This movie has/had great potential for starting needed conversations.

– Ending = disappointing: They had several great spots to end it on a powerful note, but then they went straight to overkill mode. We have a political agenda and we’re going to shove it down your throat now. It ended with several clips from 2017. I think one was a KKK march and one was the Charlottesville tragedy of people getting run over by the crazy dude taking out counter protestors. You know what their agenda is, but it’s just jarring and not in a good way.

(It’s like painting a beautiful picture then spraying it with animal blood to make a point. We get it, but you still just ruined a perfectly good picture for no good reason.)


It was well acted and worth watching once, but the overkill in strong language and political preaching took away some of the enjoyment.

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