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Official movie poster for Peppermint


Peppermint 4/5 Stars; Starring Jennifer Garner


A misunderstanding causes a drug lord to order a hit on Riley North’s family. Her husband and daughter die. Justice misfires, so she sets out to get her own brand of revenge.


Additional Comments:

– One of my friends said it’s basically batman with a female protagonist.

– It’s largely predictable yet entertaining.

– Jennifer Garner with short hair reminds me of Julia Roberts back in the day. Not quite sure why.

– Film-wise, they pulled a lot of PTSD-esque shaky cam, which bothered me, but it’s a minor annoyance.

– This is one instance where I’m not quite sure the title actually fits the movie. Heck even Skid Row Angel fits better.

– It’s definitely a pro-vigilante flick. Seems that’s the way Hollywood has swung, strong female protagonist having none of the terrible hand dealt to her by fate.

– Like Taken, a bunch of nameless bad guys die horrific deaths.

  • The heroine doesn’t walk away unscathed very often. That’s a nice touch of semi-realism.

– There are bits of satisfying, grim humor stuck here and there. (Like when she stops at the home of another “soccer mom” she knew from her former life.)

– Content Warnings: strong language; lots of violence.



Worth seeing once, maybe twice in a “here be mindless violence” sort of way. On the other hand, it does raise some moral questions should you desire to delve into that with your friends or family.


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