In a time when super heroes are illegal, the Incredibles still feel called to fight crime. Balancing home and work is never easy, but things are especially grim in the beginning. Elastigirl (Mrs. Incredible) sets out to right the image of super heroes at the behest of a billionaire. Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible deals with math and boy troubles with the kids.


If you want to see the non-spoiler version of my review, look here.


Additional Comments:

– The beginning movie – I’m pretty sure most of the theater would have rioted if the story had ended right in the middle when she ate the dumpling thing. The end was much more satisfying. It actually pairs very well with the main movie because it’s about the struggles and trials of raising a child. There are moments of fierce pride at every milestone, yet there’s always that breaking away as kids grow up, find themselves, and move on.

– I like a good twist – I actually had the wrong person pegged for the baddie. It was nice to be surprised, though it made perfect sense once the big reveal happened.

– Funniest parts:

  • Jack Jack vs the raccoon.
  • Edna Mode discovering Jack Jack’s a polymorph.
  • Jack Jack imitating Edna Mode.
  • We do not fire the baby.
  • Incredible vs. New Math.

– Pretty sure they released it around Father’s Day for a reason.

– Replay value – I think you could safely watch it 2-3 times and still be entertained.

– Villain – Her motive’s okay, but it could be stronger.

Caution: There are quite a few scenes with strobing lights. Close your eyes or pick a spot outside the screen to focus on for a little while. You won’t miss much.


It’s a nice family movie.



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