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Picks up after Captain America: Civil War where Ant-Man’s under house arrest.

Additional Comments:

– You can probably see it as a standalone movie, but it makes a lot more sense if you’ve watched the original Ant-Man movie.

– The father-daughter relationships shown here are pretty sweet, but I still don’t care about them as much as other Marvel characters.

– The entire movie could have happened without the criminals, but I enjoyed some of the chase scenes.

– The plot made sense but seemed needlessly complicated at times.

– Ghost made an interesting antagonist.

– I like that the Wasp’s role expanded in this movie, instead of just some vague references.

– The parts with the FBI agent seemed strained. I know they were supposed to be, but it never really landed on funny, just stayed in awkward mode.



Not my favorite of the Marvel spinoffs, but a decent show.

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