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Molly witnesses something inexplicable as a child. From then on, she makes it her life’s mission to track down and join the men in black. She succeeds to a point, but her first official mission as a probationary agent is a doozy.

Additional Comments:

– Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth do great in their roles as Agent M and Agent H respectively. It’s definitely a star studded cast.

– Plot 4/5: There’s a mole in MIB. While there aren’t many options for who the traitor could be they do make some valiant efforts to throw people off. Other than that, the plot’s a fairly loosely related string of events that involves a lot of running and fighting. Quite a few points rely on great leaps of logic/convenient connections.

– Pawny’s probably my favorite character.

– It’s not exactly a kids’ movie. I believe there is one F-bomb. Was never meant to be, but I’m surprised at how much Hollywood is letting/ encouraging go into a movie.
– Would I rush out to see it again? Maybe. There’s a lot to see these days. If the opportunity arose, I wouldn’t balk at it, but I probably wouldn’t move heaven and earth to create the opportunity either.


I have fairly low satisfaction requirements. Make me laugh. Keep me interested. Men in Black International met both requirements.

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Amazon Prime

The Collins Case – 2 FBI agents track down a kidnapped family. Kid friendly.

If fantasy’s more your thing, go Redeemer Chronicles. The first, Awakening, is available as an audiobook.

Ashlynn’s Dreams Shorts – a kid deals with her parents’ divorce, bullies, and the wonder of discovery.

Try The Dark Side of Science – Genetically altered kids fight for the right to live.

Beyond Broken Pencils – Contemporary literary tale of a school shooting. Ian unleashes his inner demons on his classmates and teachers…

Scratched Off – FBI agent vs a serial killer. When Sam Kerman sets out to hunt a serial killer, he has no idea how personal the case will become.


Spoiler Section:

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