The entire movie is pretty much an excuse to re-explore the Harry Potter world in movie form.

Additional Comments:

– The mole/ platypus thing likes shiny stuff. Nice. He’s kind of cute.

– Case switch super predictable.

– American magic community sounds out of sorts. Interesting to get that glimpse of the difference. Americans would be ornery.

– Choice to keep the guy as a witness doesn’t make much sense. I get why they needed him for the sake of having an excuse to explain everything, but the plot threads to include him are super thin.

– I like the lady’s sister, Queenie Goldstein. She definitely needs to get out more. Cooking with magic is awesome. She looks like Keira Knightly.

– Leaflet crew is creepy, not sure if that’s on purpose or not.

– Colin Firth’s character is creepy. He’s probably supposed to be.

– I love Frank.

– Newt – I annoy people. Ha. Eddie Redmayne isn’t my favorite actor, but this might be my favorite movie of his.

– The rhino thing mating imitation is amusing.

– The names are a tad hard to follow. Creepy kid is Credence. Tina is the disgraced aura.


Not going to become one of my favorite movies ever, but it was worth seeing once. I will certainly go to see the sequel in theaters when it releases.

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