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Narrated by Conner Goff

Run Time: 7 hrs and 38 mins


Over the top FBI thriller. It’s entertaining if you can overlook some of its flaws.

Additional Comments:

  • Tagline doesn’t really work because the “good guy” Nick Lawrence doesn’t really figure out that he’s working with the “bad guy” bank robber, Declan Enright.
  • I get having trouble getting a job, but with the way things pan out, I’m not sure why that wasn’t an option from the beginning. Also, why does his kid need therapy every single day? I thought autism was in some extreme cases more about being left the heck alone. An every day meeting seems stressful on everybody. Also, many school districts have services for dealing with kids with autism. Free services BTW.
  • Declan’s a guy you can root for. Nick’s troubles with his mother get old fast. Isabella’s cool, but also kind of just the love interest side kick with no other purpose.
  • Declan’s family is kind of just there. Val’s a saint. I don’t even remember the kids’ names or ages or if there are three or four of them.
  • There are some pacing issues.
  • There’s a semi-decent end twist. But even that is very, very far-fetched.
  • The conclusion happens fast, like the author was told you have 2K words to tie this up with a bow.
  • The true bad guy is almost god-like in his powers of foresight and planning. Even with a tragedy, I just don’t buy anybody having that much motivation to play games like this. There are mixed messages with the Mysterious Seven hanging around. They’re probably going to return in later books.
  • It’s not a very happy book, even on a personal level for Nick and Isabella. I’m guessing that’s to leave it open for sequels.
  • I’d probably like this less if I had paid for it. As is, I’ll listen to the other freebies. They’re good time-killers.
  • I liked that the author hit upon the bureaucratic showboating angles.
  • It’s more interesting if you ignore the oddities in everybody being billed as the best of the best and being led around by the nose by a bad guy given essentially deity-level foresight with a huge chip on his shoulder.


Kind of depressing, yet simultaneously interesting FBI thriller.

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