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Narrated by Karen Krause


Ireland Crane moves to a new town and gets caught up in a series of scary events.

Additional Comments:

  • Book 1 mixes in the headless horseman, Washington Irving, and Rip Van Winkle. book 2 brings in Edgar Allen Poe and Ridley.
  • Poe can raise the dead and see them, but they aren’t very nice.
  • Performance is nice. The narrator fits the main character well.
  • Noah is a fun side character.
  • The homicidal demon is kind of hilarious.
  • Story 2: there are even more dreams and hallucinations… makes things hard to follow.
  • Book 2 is 90% witty banter, while fun, it feels like filler.
  • Regan (the horse) might be my favorite character. At least he is true to form.
  • Get to meet a lot of literary figures. I never did like The Scarlet Letter though. Would help if I knew each of the original stories better because these stories are like random literature tossed into a blender and frosted with sarcasm.
  • Disturbing, interesting.
  • Ending is confusing, like the author legit couldn’t pick just one.


Oddly fun for a horror story.

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