You’re finally engaged to the right guy (or gal if you so choose). I’m kind of a traditionalist when it comes to these things, so I chose to go with Mr. Sinclaire. You can import choices from books 1 and 2 or go with default choices. However, if you spent diamonds in the first few books, you probably should import because then you will have the same pets and unlocked knowledge from before.

Additional Comments:

  • For about 4/5 of the book, your brother Viscount Harry is pissed off at you. Throughout the 20 chapters you can be nice to him or not so nice. I chose the high road, of course.
  • Most of this story revolves around you prepping for your wedding. Like the other wedding story (Save the Date), you can seriously upgrade the skins for the wedding if you want. I’m kind of a cheapskate so I went with the basic options for cake, etc. I broke down and bought Gus (my dog) the tux because it was adorable. Every special you unlock comes with a short scene at the wedding.
  • Dresses are a major thing you can buy in this story.
  • I was a sucker for the sweet scenes with the little boy. I won’t talk about him much to avoid spoilers.
  • Oh, I think I bought my friends their wedding gifts because it’s a right decent thing to do.
  • Your wedding to your love interest gets a tad more exciting than these things ought to, but that’s what makes these stories fun.
  • The last chapter is an epilogue. I think they left enough space open to write another book, but they tend to stick with trilogies for most of their series.

Side note: Choices stories are great, but you have to pick and chose where you spend money carefully.


The Desire and Decorum series is Choices’s nod to regency romance. Though it’s not my go-to genre, I enjoyed these three tales. This one provides enough mystery and intrigue to keep the plot flowing. If I had to put them in order of most favorite to least, I guess it would go as I view most trilogies: 3, 1, 2. Book 3 wraps things up the most. 1 has some closure but they’re always angling for a sequel. 2 usually ends dark and twisty. Worth checking out.

Audiobook Promotions …

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Note: Filter by US if you’re looking for those codes as many titles are out.
Ones I think may still have US codes: Reshner’s Royal Ranger, Never Again, Innova, The Golden City Captives, The Holy War, Reclaim the Darklands, Eagle Eyes, Treachery Makes it Tense, Ashlynn’s Dreams Shorts, The Dark Side of Science, Ashlynn’s Dreams, Nadia’s Tears, Malia’s Miracles, and Varick’s Quest
There are plenty of UK codes, but not many US ones left.

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Shadow Council Combo (Books 1-4) (Amazon) (free codes)
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SC 1: Money Makes it Deadlier (Amazon) (free codes)
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Danger in Dallas (Eagle Eyes Book 3) (Amazon) (free codes)

There is a third series, but it’s not on audible yet.

Scratched Off – mystery, thriller; FBI agent vs serial killer, more intense than Shadow Council/Eagle Eyes (Amazon) (free codes)
Never Again (mystery, suspense)

Christian Mystery:

The Collins Case – Heartfelt Cases Book 1, Christian mystery (Amazon) (free codes)
The Kiverson Case – Heartfelt Cases Book 2, Christian mystery (Amazon) (free codes)
The Davidson Case – Heartfelt Cases Book 3, Christian mystery (Amazon) (free codes)

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