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You’re back at Edenbrook.

Additional Comments:

  • I loved that this one had some real danger.
  • The typical medical drama gets overshadowed by a hostage situation. It was a nice change of pace.
  • I think you even got to take a road trip.
  • As with book 1, I went Ethan’s road instead of Jackie or Bryce, though I did enjoy helping Jackie deal with the pharma rep and Bryce with big brother duty.
  • As with most of the Choices books, this one can go PG if you skip a few of the diamond options to very well not PG if you choose certain diamond options.
  • The characters in here are cool. There’s a nice variety of those who you want to punch and those you want to hug and hand a cookie to.
  • It’s cool that some of the characters show up in other books. This series has tie-ins to the newer story With Every Heartbeat. I think that one was a premium one for a while, but it recently released to those who choose not to pay a monthly rate.
  • It has enough closure to satisfy readers while at the same time leaving enough open to a book 3. I believe Book 3 is well under way, but I tend not to start them until they’re about 18 chs in so that it will finish by the time I’m ready for the ending.


Medical drama and danger drama make for more satisfying stories.

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