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Genre: Romance


The Royal Romance series took our heroine from NYC waitress to queen if you played your cards right. Otherwise, you married one of the inner circle of Concordia’s royalty. Really not sure how that worked because I went the traditional route.

Additional Comments:

  • This one took me a bit of getting into.
  • The main focus of this is around the wedding of Bertrand Beaumont and Savannah Walker
  • Recurring characters: Olivia Nevrakis (I love her in this series – so much more intrigue), Penelope, Madeline (one of the king’s ex suitors), security people (Mara and Bastien), resident cutie (Bartie), Kiara Theron, Godfrey (Madeline’s papa)
  • New side characters: Amalas, Leona (Drake’s aunt?), Bianca Walker (Drake’s mama), Bradshaw and Isabella (jerks), Queen Eleanor (the king’s mom), Savannah Walker (Drake’s sister), some paparazzi dudes, Jackson Walker (Drake’s dad)
  • Midway through, the MC does in fact get pregnant. Yay.
  • Court intrigue continues. This round, Amalas and Bradshaw/Isabella are both courting the betrothal of your future child. Poor kid isn’t even made yet and she’s already being fought over. Traitors and parties and spies make for entertaining times.


Overall, I enjoyed the book. I’m looking forward to the sequel. As usual, I’ll wait until most of the chapters are released because they like to throw little plot twists that are super annoying.

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