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The Saberton Legacy Book 3

Narrated by Austenne Grey

Run Time: 9 hrs and 27 mins

Genre: historical, American Civil War


Aurora Haverwood and Zachery Saberton love each other, but a lot stands in their way. First, he’s accused of something pretty awful and barely escapes with his life. But part of that deal sends him to England on an undercover mission to recover some missing money from the Confederate coffers.

Additional Comments:

  • I think of the trilogy, I liked book 2 the best so far. This one was okay. The build up was nice. The middle meandered a bit. The end declared itself from afar. There was at least one cringey stereotypical female-does-something-dumb scene just to give us another half-hour to cover.
  • Characters are endearing.
  • Kinda wish Tori was in this more.
  • Austenne Grey’s performance hit the right emotional notes.
  • Not a huge fan of the style of epilogue we got. Could have safely done without it, but it’s fine.
  • Favorite character is the lady who play’s Zach’s love interest. I’d love to see a spinoff of her adventures. Her backstory is just outlandish enough to work.


Well-written. Nicely performed.

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