Narrated by Jason Finch

Run Time: 11 hrs and 19 mins


A young dwarf finds himself in the middle of a power struggle.

Additional Comments:

  • Hits a lot of the classic fantasy tropes and hits them well.
  • 4/5 Main character – Nickle’s pretty much a Chosen One. There’s even a prophecy about him in the prologue. He’s also your typical, bumbling hero who comes through when it counts. He’s obsessed with knowing more about his parents. He’s respected because of his father. He doesn’t really fit in where he was before he got swept off into the magical part of the world. He’s not really good at most things, yet he picks up the right friends and can beat seasoned fighters in a pinch. The kid even inherits magic armor. His heritage gives him the ability to participate in animal pod races (essentially).
  • 4/5 Performance – Voice variation was okay. I can’t comment much on cadence since I was listening at 2.3 speed. There were a lot of minor characters who came and went.
  • 3.5/5 side characters – Jason’s kind of annoying. He’s kind of a cross between the mentor figure and the sidekick. The elf chick sort of seemed an add-on as she had almost 0 role except to accompany the MC and the sidekick on a portion of the journey.
  • 4/5 Most of the world-building works. It’s a very neat world that weaves fantastic and the familiar. It’s not completely seamless, but it’s a valiant effort. The dynamics of the elves, dwarves, gnomes, and humans is interesting, though to be honest, the humans seemed like an afterthought. Some sections spent on building the world were essentially half-hour bunny trails (visiting the club, scouring the library, cleaning the camp, deciding to race random pigs, vampire chase, fight in the garden, trippy jaunt into the cursed city, etc).
  • If you enjoy modern classic fantasy, like Harry Potter, you may enjoy this.
  • 3/5 Prologue – I’m not sure how that beginning part with Hector fit in. It felt completely disconnected from the rest.
  • 4/5 End – A lot of things come together in the end. Even though many things are predictable, it’s a satisfying conclusion with good balance between closure and enough room for more.


This is a classic fantasy story suitable for middle grade readers. YA and adult fantasy fans may also enjoy it. Check out the sample and judge for yourself.

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