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Genre: fantasy scifi

Keywords: #magic #humor #lgbtq #explore #action #scifi


Magicians, robots, and alternate realities. What could go wrong (besides everything)? Octavian is a grad student at a top magic university. His research project? Replika, the world’s first magic-powered robot. Activating Replika should be a blast, but instead Octavian’s advisor traps him & Replika in a web of alternate universes. To get back, they must survive one spine-chilling reality after another. Will Octavian’s magic & Replika’s brainpower be enough to get them home? Updates Thursdays.


I am on 11 of 19 so far.



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Have You Tried Kindle Vella Yet?

The Minder Project Season 1 – (scifi, genetic engineering, superpowers; shares characters with Dustin’s Decision, Updated Wednesdays) The government gave her genetic Gifts. Now, it wants what it paid for from the program.

Dustin’s Decision Devya’s Children Book 5 – (YA scifi, shares characters with The Minder Project; Complete) Genetically altered teens struggle to navigate the murky world and control their Gifts.

Aeris Legends – Wrath and War (LitRPG, gaming, fantasy) This takes a box-of-chocolate approach to providing lore entries (creatures, quest descriptions, game mechanics) and short stories for a fantasy world.

Earth’s Melody – A Light Scifi Romantic Comedy Donatella Velargo, an actress on the run, must choose between anonymity and a desperate (handsome) rebel’s cause to save his sister and his planet.

Trials, Tribulations, and Trust Issues (Superheros, superpowers) A young woman who can access almost any superpower gets manipulated into testing them for the government.

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