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Genre: Renaissance era romance.


You’re a lowly scribe attached to a prominent house that’s about to become noble. Then all heck breaks loose. The queen is murdered and the kingdom is plunged into a courtly battle royale of sorts. The 5 noble houses compete for the favor of the other houses to see who will become the new king or queen.

Additional Comments:

  • Twists 5/5: I can usually predict stories. And this one was no different for the most part, but they did manage to slip in a few very nice twists.
  • There’s decent replay value in that you can court the king-regent or the Crown shield. I re-named them Dean and Caden, respectively. I think a different spelling of Caden might be the default.
  • I chose to go with fiery red hair and the Rosario name.
  • Characters stood out in being memorable. Even the purposefully annoying or villainous ones had their charms. Won’t say too much so I don’t spoil anything. Emery was truly annoying, but Percy came across as adorable. Annalisa might be my favorite.
  • The writers packed in a lot of danger and court intrigue.
  • Ending: Slightly bittersweet, but also just like a fairy tale.
  • I may play again to see what it’s like romancing the Crown shield. It probably changes some of the dialogue.
  • It takes quite a good story for me to consider replaying because I don’t think they give you as many diamonds on replay.
  • The danger’s pretty real sometimes. They don’t pull punches in several chapters.


If you’re in need of a good distraction, this book has a lot to offer. Magic, mystery, court gossip, court intrigue. Highly recommended. (And I don’t even like most romance books.)

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