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Narrated by Kathleen Li

*Spoilers possible


A girl with a rare blood disease (not sure it’s ever specified) has an imaginary friend.

Additional Comments:

  • The story has a short story feel, but it’s on the long side for that.
  • Narration was well done.
  • I think I heard a different story by Joseph Barone (Prestigium), and I liked that much better.
  • I believe much of the story was meant be an epic journey of self-discovery, but it kind of sounded like a cycle of kid feels ill, kid chats up her imaginary friend or vice versa, mother worries, father tries to build stuff to deal with his worry, and kid goes on dream adventures with the imaginary friend.
  • The grandfather had great presence for a side character. He might be my favorite side character.
  • The book’s point of view made it a tad difficult to follow the family relationships.
  • It’s been less than a week, and I don’t remember the kid’s name. Had to look it up. Lily Fiore is a pretty name.
  • The town names were a tad over the top in terms of symbolism: Lily used to live in Reverie. She now lives in Salvation.


Ha, my main problem with the story might be in the blurb: the book is existential. This poor author has no idea of my history with that horrible existential book about a guy who’s a bug (The Metamorphosis). (Story ticked me off in high school.) Guess I’m just not wired for existential journey things. If you like that sort of thing, check this out. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it. I just don’t like the style.

Cover from Audible

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