Mer doesn’t like Avry, but she might have to marry him. Rather than succumb to that fate, she runs away, setting off a chain of events that will alter her life—and his—forever.

Additional Comments:

– Characters 3.5/5: Mer and Avry are likable enough eventually. However, at first, I distinctly remember a few moments of wanting to reach in and smack sense into this girl. Gandel, the Fae Prince, had more potential than he lived up to, but he might be back in a later book.

– Plot 3.5/5 stars: The beginning third of the book started out very slowly. I think most of the events there could have been summed up in a more pointed prologue. Some scenes came off as completely superfluous. The scenes that matter are awesome.

– World-building 3.5/5 stars: This is a double-edged sword. Some people are going to love the rich details. Others are going to be annoyed that the detail bogs down the flow of the story. In the audiobook, I think there’s about 5-7 minutes devoted to the mechanics of how a ball worked and who got to dance with whom. While this provides a lot of background and makes the world more real, it detracts from flow, which isn’t always a great tradeoff.

– Closure 2/5: It’s pretty much set up to run you into the sequel.


If you like fantasy worlds with intriguing takes on the fae, this is the first half of a duology that you might enjoy.

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